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Cambridge Games Factory began in 2004 as a late night conversation at the MIT Strategic Games Society about the challenges for new designers to get prototypes into print.

Your game goes here A year later, we published our first four games: Glory to Rome, Ice Pirates of Harbour Grace, Splat!, and Sneeze. We've gone on to publish many more since then, and we've been delighted by the superb player feedback and reviews they continue to receive -- especially since this helps build interest in our games without a huge marketing budget.

Cambridge Games Factory is an entry point for new designers to get their first games published. Expect to see some new faces, and great games with our all of our releases.  If you are a new designer, we'd love to hear from you! Please read our game submission guidelines.

We're also always looking for playtesters to help assess our games submissions and fine tune games in development.  If you're interested, please sign up here as a playtester.

And last but hardly least, we stand behind our games. If you receive a copy with missing or damaged components, you can click here to send a . Be sure to be specific, and tell us where to ship any replacement parts.


Meet the team

Ed Carter
Managing Director

Ed graduated from Cambridge University (UK) in '92 with one of the worst Math degrees of his year after spending far, far too much time unicycling, roleplaying and playing strategic board and card games.

He then spent two years learning how much he didn't know about marketing when he self-published his first game (Kersplatt!) before finally getting a real job working for Staples as part of their UK startup.

Since then Ed has also worked for Staples in the US, Canada, Germany, and Belgium, including launching four new business models in the past five years.

CGF Games: Splat!

Rob Seater
Game Development Director

Rob has been designing and altering games since 7th grade, but eventually realized that there wasn't any money in it. He wound up in an MIT PhD program, where he lamented spending so much time on researching software safety or something.

Fortunately, Rob bumped into the Cambridge Games Factory team and discovered that inability to resist tweaking game rules to see what happens is a valuable life skill after all - Rob was rapidly co-opted onto the team and is now Director of Game Development at CGF.

CGF Games: Hot Potato




Contact: info@cambridgegames.com
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