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Glory to Rome I.V Edition


Glory to Rome I.V Edition

by Carl Chudyk

2 to 5 players ages 12 and up
Takes about 50 minutes

"offers a huge amount of options... extremely fun, involved... quickly becoming one of my favorite new games" Tom Vasel

N.B. The I.V edition now includes merchant bonus cards instead of merchant bonus chips.

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"Another brilliant aspect of Glory to Rome is how many different strategies you can employ. " Matt Drake

"For me, trying to find combos for the buildings is a blast. I love winning by fielding some ridiculous combo, and, more importantly, I enjoy the game even when it is my opponent that puts the powerful combo into play." Danny Webb

"Is this the game that Race for the Galaxy wanted to be?" Ender Wiggins

"a serious card game in the manner of San Juan and Race for the Galaxy, but with more complexity and deeper strategy." Shannon Appelcline

"I recommended that players get the game when it first came out; I doubly push that recommendation now." Tom Vasel

"a highly tactical card game with more depth than most but still on the lighter end of the scale" Matthew Marquand




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